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We take so many photos these days but never print them and rarely go back to look at the memories.  Hell, these days we even depend of FaceBook to make us relive memories.

(Should I mention that every time I think of FaceBook I always think of Spit the Dog?)

ANYWAY!  I want holiday photos - I want to look back at the end of the year and say do you remember when we did XYZ?  I know all I have to do is actually get the them printed but lets face it we're not very good at getting photos printed.  We weren't very good at it, even when that was the only way to see the photos!  I think we've all experienced the "We found a roll of film and dropped it into the chemist to see if there was anything on it"

Last year for my birthday I didn't get myself an instant camera like I had threatened - I only did it last week.  I'd been looking at the various cameras out there and finally decided to get a Diana F+ Instant (mine has a blue top & flash)  The handy thing about this is that they send you another back for the camera so it also takes film - Film, the ultimate photographic lottery!

Hand on heart I haven't got a clue what I'm at so there will be much wasting of photographs in an effort to figure out what the hell I'm at - first photo of slovobooks was black, second photo of shed was very dark with outline for sky, the third one was a longer exposure and a bit blurry but you can see a person!
I really am having a ball!