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The Vintage Girl by Hester Brown

I’ve been listening to a book by Hester Browne called The Vintage Girl.

This should be a book that I like and would gallop through if I was reading it but I’m not – neither liking it, nor reading it.
Maybe it’s the manner in which it’s being read but I suspect it’s actually the words that are being read that’s annoying me.

I’ve  gotten as far as chapter four and by now I get the hint that the main character – the Vintage Girl of the title – likes all things vintage and seems to have a passion and sometimes secret passion for teapots, cups, saucers, old castles, photos, wedding photos, long lost jewels hidden in old castles, sisters boyfriend, teddy bears, regency romances, Jane Austen, Edwardian/Victorian/Georgian or any other ‘ian’ era – I know this ‘cause the writer is determined to get this message across and doesn’t want us to be in any doubt .  Add to all of that an internal monologue that is determined convey here is a girl who is essentially really nice, a hopeless romantic, a bit chaotic and somewhat ditzy.

Naturally the boss is a jerk but all other men of her age are handsome – so a prediction sees this going in one of two ways but with only one ending – either they get off on the wrong foot but make up and they all live happily ever after OR they are so shy that all of their friends and family have to plot and plan so that they can live happily ever after.
The only question left is, do I have the patience and tolerance to put up with another 24 chapters – I suspect not – this is a pity ‘cause had I been reading it myself I could simply skim the repetition and ditzy bits to keep the story moving along and would have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maybe I will keep with it for another few chapters...

(update - I've stuck with it for a bit more and I've moved on a few chapters - it's still wrecking my head, so still not sold...)