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Family Photos

I spent a fair bit of the bank holiday weekend scanning photos belonging to my grandparents - it's mainly when they were young and of their children (Mam, Aunt K & Uncle N) and then other assorted relatives. I was surprised at how much work was involved in simply scanning. I managed to get about 20 or so done and then came away with a thundering headache! Now that I've a small selection scanned the next thing is to go in and correct them. This bit is more work but it's more fun. Sadly, due to the afore mentioned headache and I'm now dying with a cough I've only worked on one photograph - I'm to get it printed up for a few people during the week but what do you think? I'm not too sure but I may have made it too dark...

Apologies for the watermark across them but as they're family photos and not fixed up I don't want them to be lifted (as if!!) but just to be safe.

Here's a 20/21 year old Kitty & Mick



I think I'll get one printed to see how it turns out - the scan is a lot lighter than the postcard so we'll see...
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