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Cat Complaint

I know we have a cat with continence issues - or rather her desire to piss on EVERY surface in the house, however I'd kindda forgotten about it as she hadn't done it lately (or should that say been found out lately?)  Yesterday I eventually bought myself the internet/dab radio I'd been planning to get for a while and last night I was running through where would I put it?  I eventually decided on the Kitchen that way it can be plugged in and all would be well with the world - well my world anyway.

This morning after a rather interrupted nights sleep (text messages, heartburn & his snoring - me, toothache & bathroom - him) I decided to get up and start setting up my new toy in the kitchen.  However, first things first and a quick look on the computer suddenly I could hear a noise, a not a usual noise, a cat having a wee on a bag noise!  Screech!  it's amazing how far and wide a puddle of piss with spread.  One of the bags she was aiming at had books, papers & a few holes in it - do you know how difficult it is to grab a bag and up end it without touching the wet bits, without dropping everything in the puddle you're trying to avoid and not shake the excess liquid off of?  All the while the cats are looking at me with those questioning eyes - "where's our breakfast?"

So this brought me back to the where will I put my radio?  where I had planned to put it has seen a bit of Oscar action, as has the other side of the kitchen (in fairness our kitchen isn't big enough to swing a cat!)  This radio wasn't cheap - one of the ones from lidl?  it wouldn't bother me if it got destroyed but this one that cost over €100 there's no way I'm letting it anywhere near that poxy cat!

I may have to clear my desk:
desk photo

and put it somewhere around where the lamp appears to be sprouting from.

I was going to say that it'll be a good excuse to clear my desk but in fairness the bloody mess should be reason enough!

Anyway - piddling cat puts radio in jeopardy and that's my wittering & rambling complaint


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Aug. 17th, 2013 01:33 pm (UTC)
Aug. 17th, 2013 07:54 pm (UTC)
If you twist it around it's also got a penguin and some sort of Polar Bear ish type thing.
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