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Unexpected Gifts.

Throughout the day there was no mention of it, so when I got home and found this on my laptop

I don't speak Dutch but I'm guessing the top card is an invite to coffee but what lies beneath?  Curiosity unties the twine to see what lies within this beautifully wrapped present.

Et voilà!

It is so beautiful!  I haven't looked through it completely - that's being saved as a bedtime treat.  It also means I must hurry up with this post as there's a hot chocolate in the offing!

A text to say Thank You and a quick pop around to say it in person - a 'txt' can only say so much.

In the course of our Chat, Chat, Chat there was mention of the course I'll be starting this week, this lead onto a talk of holidays & photographers.  So now I have some new reading :)

I know nothing of this lady but a flick though the pages later tells me I'm in for a treat!

So now I've LOADS of beautiful things to look at & read - I'll see you in a few weeks ;)