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Day 2: Smile

I didn't go out and about today in search of those smiles so I'm using a pic I took on Christmas Day.  My sister came over with her two Aoibhe is 4 (and a bit) & Luc is 15mths.  Trying to get himself to stand still long enough to get a picture is nearly impossible and Herself has started to do these really cheesy  smiles - by cheesy I mean a smile while saying cheese.

So here is a Christmas Day Smile:

Say Cheese!

and just to show you the Christmas Miracle:

Who? Me?

So while I'm not convinced about the smile from her nibs I do hope that the pair of them brought a smile to you (I know I'm biased - sorry) ;)


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Jan. 3rd, 2013 07:48 pm (UTC)
His eyes are huge, gonna be a heart breaker in his teens, will have all the girls swooning over blue eyes.
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