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Day 1: Favourite Food

If I'm being honest most food would fall into that category but with this being Christmas it's all about the food.
It's often said that Christmas Pudding is mandatory but not enjoyable - I would have to disagree! I love love love it! So why only eat it once a year? Well that one is simple - it's to keep it special!!
When I was younger my grandmother made the puddings - she'd make one for my parents and then one for me - that's how much I love it I had one all to myself!! So it's with great pride that I show you the one I made this year :

This is my third year making the pudding and it was absolutely scrumptious! - Fry it up with butter and then blob a load of whipped cream on it - I'm salivating at the thoughts of it and unfortunately this last bit has already been devoured.


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Jan. 2nd, 2013 11:19 am (UTC)
If a Christmas Pudding is not enjoyable, that's a poor pudding.

We had an excellent pudding on Christmas Day. Soft, luscious, melting in the mouth. It'd been properly cooked (not microwaved), which likely helped.
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