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Excuse Me While I Swear A Lot!

Do you see that icon saying Keep Calm - well too late!
I'm doing a chemo cap for my sisters friend.  There's only 17 rounds and I'd gotten as far as round 10 when I looked back at the pattern and eek!  I've been doing it all wrong from around round 6 - it broke my heart but I ripped back to round 5 and decided to write out the pattern myself just to make sure I know what I'm doing.  
This is where the swearing starts - I wasn't doing it wrong!  I had it right all a-fucking-long!  I could have had it finished in the next half hour or so (with internets thrown in) but now - Argh!  Yes I'll have it finished before bedtime but I'm so easily distracted and - well fuck on it!  
I'm so annoyed I'm almost tempted to jump up and down in a tantrum but that might be considered physical exercise and we can't be having that!