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Medical Travails

The day after my last entry we (he) got a phone call to say that the results were back from his MRI - it was almost as inconclusive as his CTScan but they were more concerned that it was more serious than a simple Kidney Cyst but couldn't say for sure that it was cancer - they'd like to operate and take it out as it would be the one way to make sure of what it was.

So in he went on Thursday and I had yet another LONG day.  When he came back to the ward he was a lot more with it than last time although he was off his head on morphine - I have to say it was highly entertaining to say the least. Got home at about 10pm.  I had said to him that I wouldn't call in 'till after work but got a message to say he'd love to see me - so 7am saw me running out the door for a visit - yet another long day!

The weekend saw him out of sorts due to a temperature spike, x-rays due to lung concerns (it's not a clot, just slightly collapsed)

So that's a brief description of what's been happening with himself but what's been happening for me?  Well I killed a monster spider on Friday night!  if you saw me standing on the sofa like an idiot but I actually did it I'm so proud of myself - however it was only me at home so nobody to tell.  I'm loving having the bed to myself - I think you could say I've been sleeping at a jaunty angle - if I could only persuade the cats to shut up - they've woken me up at 3am every night either looking to get in or looking to get out.  I always loving having the place to myself bed, control of the remote, only cleaning up after myself etc, but I really do miss having him to talk to particularly since I've only just been talking to him - it's weird.  If I was on my own just as me it'd be lonely but get on with it - as it is I'm part of a bigger thing and it's only half there so I'm neither one thing or another - I know that doesn't make any sense what so ever but in my head I know what I mean.

Ah would you look at the time!  I feel like I'm only in the door - well I'd better hit the hay - Work and hospital visits tomorrow - busy, busy, busy!

I'm exhausted but I have to keep on going - maybe next weekend I can take it easy?


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Sep. 10th, 2012 06:23 am (UTC)
Crap, very sorry to hear that. I hope you took some notes for him of his morphine babblings.
Yeah on the spider, that's me with slugs, hate the bastards.
I now wish cats COULD open food pouches. Up at 5:30 to feed the cats after he heard Tim.
Good luck with the rest of the week
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