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A Weekend Away

We were away for the weekend in Waterford.  The main reason for going away was because it's my grandmothers birthday - she is 91 today!  

However in order to break up the driving for the weekend we headed off on Friday straight after work.  On Saturday morning we investigated Nannys backgarden where we noticed loads of butterflies!  They were fluttering around a buddleia that was growning in the neighbours and spreading over the fence. I think I spent about an hour simply taking pictures - not very good photos in fairness due to breezes :(

Afterwards we went off for a spin out the Comeragh Mountains to visit a few cousins.  Niamh was still away but we stopped by her parents and have a lovely chat with her mother and were plied with sandwiches, apple tart and tea - yummy!  Afterwards we dropped up to see Padraic (I always thought it ended with a 'g' but there you are!)  Anyway I hadn't seen him in years - we've been in touch on facebook but it really was great to sit around with a cuppa just chatting away.  Did I take pictures? No!  too busy yapping :)  I think I am going to have to make bigger efforts to keep in touch with the cousins!

Later on Saturday we headed out to Tramore to have what has almost become a tradition - we had a tea of Fish & Chips, sitting in the car watching the spray come up over the wall.  When the tide is in it really is in!  This picture is taken from the slip way - my car is parked roughly where the peak wave is:

It was a long day and as my other grandmother used to say I didn't need any rocking that night!

Anyway we went out to see Nanny today and here is the Birthday Girl!  She was full of chat although some of it was about years ago - from WWI right up 'til today!

Happy Birthday Nanny!

Time for bed!  


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Sep. 3rd, 2012 07:21 pm (UTC)
It's a good day for a birthday. I can recommend it well. Glad she had a good party. I did too - two of them so far! More later.

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