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Book List - Which One First?

Despite the fact that I don't seem to be able to finish any book at the moment I do seem to have a list of books either waiting to be started or finished along with one or two planned sessions.
For my birthday I got Peaches for Monsieur le Curé by Joanne Harris - this is going to be my holiday read (in 10 days - I'm not counting honest!) I also fancy a little bit of vintage crime so was half thinking of Campion but part of my planned reading was to start reading Agatha Christie in some semblance of order on the other hand I've just ordered the last two books in a series by David Roberts - I also have one other that has yet to be read.  So will I bring that with me?
At the moment I'm reading Kate Atkinson's Case Histories - I may get it finished before we go although I doubt it.  I've also picked up a copy of Ian Rankin's The Impossible Dead - and I'm almost itching to get stuck into that.
To top it off I have two other books that I've started and are waiting to be finished (this is starting to feel like my crochet projects - starting loads and not really getting anything finished)

This decision lark will be the death of me - well we'll see how we get on.