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The Long Weekend

After our visit my sister we spent the rest of the weekend at home - much computing and TV watching - zilch on the housework front :)  It was only last night when I was asking how was he that he said he felt he had been going to the toilet the whole time and he really should have been keeping note of the amount of times.  When you are in that situation you tend to forget how often you are in there and when you go out you are taken by surprise when you are caught short.  With that in mind we've sorted him out for the next week or so (I think I mentioned it in the previous post)  
So yeah it's been very quiet weekend.  However today for most people it's a work day - and this is the one thing I love about my job - it's a privilege day!  so one more long sleep - but as I said since it's a work day I think I'll do housework - undo the weekend (teehee!)