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A Day Out

Today we went out to my sisters to drop off Easter Chocs for the minis.  Unfortunately when we got there herself was out however a quick call told us she was in swords and would be back in about half an hour.  So we decided instead of waiting in the car outside the house for that long we'd go for a spin, possibly a walk.  In the end we only drove around the corner, pulled up near the library and went for a walk.  I have to say it was a very brief walk as it seems the walking stimulates the insides and he wasn't sure if he really needed to go to the toilet or if he just felt that way.  So a brief sit down on a wall and a stroll back to the car - what to do next?  He felt fine once he was sitting down so spin it was - we went up to Sutton Cross and around by Baldoyle and up to herself - we'd only just parked when her nibs came along.  
When we were inside my niece wanted up to play Hungry Hippos - if you are ever in that position - don't play with her 'cause she cheats in all sorts of imaginable ways!  She knows that P. has a bobo (nebulous pain) she thinks it's either in his head or his tummy so she doesn't want to hurt him - this is so totally sweet!  So after Hippos they have to play Birds on his phone.  
By now himself is fairly worn out and I promised my mother I'd call over to get something off of her for a wedding and then we had to organise who was going to take himself to hospital for the next few days as he's not really able to go by bus on his own these days. So she's Thurs & Fri and I'm Tues, Wed, Mon, Tues, Wed and after that it's all over!  Anyway I was made to promise that it would be a flying visit and I was true to my word!  When we were leaving I have to say himself looked like shite - very grey in the face.  Sadly for himself he doesn't seem to sleep in the car - I'm not sure if it's a reflection on my driving or not but we'll say not :)
When we got home he hit the hay - I was a bit tired myself so it was sofa time!  Miss Marple, You've Been Framed, TV Burp, BGT & Inspector Montalbano - all wholesome fun!  so it's now bedtime again
Tomorrow will be another day in front of the telly but in the company of Chocolate - how divine!


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Apr. 8th, 2012 07:29 am (UTC)
Hi D,

Please give Padraig our love and best wishes - we are thinking of him as he goes through his treatment. I only wish that we weren't on the other side of the city, if there is anything we could do to help you both please just ask?

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