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Book Choice

I've three books I'm allocating to day time, night time and a something for a change.

I think the day book will be Case Histories by Kate Atkinson - if nothing else I need a light book after carrying around a hardback copy of Snuff.  I've been wanting to read this series of books since the TV programme although I've had them for a while and if nothing else Jason Isaacs isn't a bad face to have to image for a character.

The evening/night book will be House Bound by Winifred Peck.  Although I've started this already though I might alternate it with Case Histories as I do want to get through it and I tend not to read much at night as I'd like.

The last one is How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran - this might seem a bit odd but I don't particularly want to advertise this too much so it will definitely be the one that is "for a change" and will only be read at home (possibly weekends?)  I don't know why I don't want to advertise it I suppose it's a case of not being sure if I agree with the contents - but best to know what it is before you decide whether you agree or not.

Well there you are - I still have shelves of books to get through so there are a few more to be allocated day & night when these are finished - Agatha Christie, China Miéville, Christopher Fowler and James Anderson - after that we'll have another look at what's begging to be read..