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Julie & Julia

I discovered last night that the film Julie & Julia was on RTE.  I hadn't seen it before but had wanted to do so, so this accident presented the prefect opportunity!

My first impression was my word but the voice on Meryl Streep would have wrecked my head had the film gone on any longer.  Himself came in to the room and almost begged to be allowed to flick and I will admit that if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to see the film to the end I'd have flicked myself long before - however it would seem that this performance received rave reviews but I don't know the original so I can't comment.

I have to say I did like the Julie parts.  I had blog envy for her dedication to sitting down and writing, and then there was the eventual rise in hit rate - I have to admit like Julie I too get excited when I get a comment (it really is a case of what's seldom seen is wonderful!)  The other thing I was envious about was the willingness to go out and cook.

Because I didn't read the blog or any of the books it spawned I don't know if, like the movie, every endeavour was a success if so I am thoroughly jealous!  Although I can identify the sitting on the floor crying 'cause it's all going wrong - not that I ever have :)  And then there is the delicate line to be walked when blogging about your everyday life and other halves - it's something we must all do and that's a thing about a movie it should show us things from our everyday - give us something to think upon.

All in all I might watch the film again just in case I missed anything but not sure if I would stretch to a third time.

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