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Work - Bah!

I got a letter yesterday about poor attendance!  Good Grief!
I've was out sick for:

4.5 days in January,
4 days in Oct '12 -
after this I'm not sure of lengths of time only the when:
Sept '11
Dec 2004
May-July 2004 <- this was my first sick leave since joining Dec '98

For the past 3 heading into 4 years we've been dealing with cancer and NOT ONCE have I gone out sick in order to attend hospital appointments and treatments despite being advised to by my colleagues!!!
I haven't gone out sick despite the fact that there were times when all I wanted to do was curl up and die and it takes everything I have to get up and face the world!

To add insult to injury the letter was a pile of kak - the date of the 4th and the day of Tuesday AND it had a the wrong staff number!

Wii (un)Fit

It was yesterday morning that I realised I could do 'steps' on the wii fit board in the mornings and I don't actually have to turn the thing on - simply count the steps myself! Talk about ingenious!  That'a kindda where I have to make a decision - do I like the wii itself count the two up and then the two down or one for each round?  I'm not great at making decisions but trying to decide at this hour of the morning - well it just isn't going to happen :(  I counted both ways this morning so I've worked up a nice little sweat - that might also have something to do with the fact that today I grabbed my little hand weights (watch out bingo wings!)
So that's me feeling all accomplished and it's barely 7am!

Day 7: Something Funny

No I'm afraid work prevented me from finding anything funny today however if you follow the sign below then others will think you've seen something funny ;)
Something Funny (not)Collapse )

Day 6: Books

In our house we have books - more books than bookshelves and not enough room to put up more :(  So all I had to do was pick a few books for todays picture right?  Sometimes being spoiled for choice can be a bit overwhelming but lately I've one or two different collections that have really snazzy covers - so would I go with my Georgette Heyer ones or the Persephone Books?   Well, Apologies to those how went Heyer 'cause I went Persephone :)

Three of these were purchased when we were over in London in November and we dropped into the Persephone shop.  If you are ever in the vicinity drop in as it is so beautiful.

If you want to see the Heyer covers I was talking about then click here and look at her detective fiction covers - totally delish!

Day 5: Morning Sky

I know that dawn is later and later but I have only just woken up, so by now the sky is just grey day so a slight cheat here - I'm digging out a photo I took in October.  I was going to work and the day was just breaking - I loved the way the light were hitting the clouds turning them two tone:


Day 4: Leaves

Right this was a tricky one - it's January and let's be honest leaves are not overly plentiful - particularly when you've been indoors all day :)  However the curtains in the living room are covered in leaves or leaf designs so this is what I went with:

Day 3: Happiness

This was a bit of a stumper for me as I really hadn't a clue what to do for this and to top things off I spend most of today in the hospital with himself - so I was thinking of giving it a miss.  However when we got home there was our Christmas tree waiting for the lights to be plugged in so that it could give out its cosy glow - and that really made me happy.  It is one of the sad things about January , the taking down of the tree, the living room all of a sudden seems empty & bare, drab & joyless, grey and generally sad so I will admit that I'm not looking forward to it.

So here for a few more days is our Christmas tree and the happiness it brings:


Day 2: Smile

I didn't go out and about today in search of those smiles so I'm using a pic I took on Christmas Day.  My sister came over with her two Aoibhe is 4 (and a bit) & Luc is 15mths.  Trying to get himself to stand still long enough to get a picture is nearly impossible and Herself has started to do these really cheesy  smiles - by cheesy I mean a smile while saying cheese.

So here is a Christmas Day Smile:

Say Cheese!

and just to show you the Christmas Miracle:

Who? Me?

So while I'm not convinced about the smile from her nibs I do hope that the pair of them brought a smile to you (I know I'm biased - sorry) ;)

Day 1: Favourite Food

If I'm being honest most food would fall into that category but with this being Christmas it's all about the food.
It's often said that Christmas Pudding is mandatory but not enjoyable - I would have to disagree! I love love love it! So why only eat it once a year? Well that one is simple - it's to keep it special!!
When I was younger my grandmother made the puddings - she'd make one for my parents and then one for me - that's how much I love it I had one all to myself!! So it's with great pride that I show you the one I made this year :

This is my third year making the pudding and it was absolutely scrumptious! - Fry it up with butter and then blob a load of whipped cream on it - I'm salivating at the thoughts of it and unfortunately this last bit has already been devoured.

30 Day Photo Challenge

This is me for the month:

Shoot Me

Everytime I hear Rod Stewart singing the intro to a christmas song I think - that's not too bad.  
It probably is :(

India Knight

I've noticed India Knight here and there and am now thinking of getting either "Comfort & Joy" or "Mutton" (or both) - Has anybody actually read any of her stuff?  What's she like to read?

I'll be posting this all over the place in the hopes of garnering a range of opinion...

At home for a day

Well actually I'm home for the week but the plan is get the place up to scratch for christmas so that very little needs to be done closer to the time.  So todays endeavours will be in the living room so it will also include telly!  I'm in a musical sort of mood so I'm going to be enjoying White Christmas & High Society (I may have mentioned this on FB).  It would seem I'm also in a Bing Crosby mood too!
Right now I'm eating Christmas Curd on toast from Fortnams and can I just say it is completely & utterly gorgeous! It really is christmas in a jar - it has raspberries, cranberries & morello cherries and some lovely spices.  If I didn't have a million and one things to do I really could just sit on the sofa for the day eating it - with a spoon!

Back to the telly topic for a minute - this morning I caught an episode of Bab5 - I haven't seen one in years and it still holds up - I loved it!  It also brought back the memories of our Babnights when we'd stay up all night watching an entire seasons worth of episodes - they were excellent!  So yes am liking the B5 but I've also noticed I still like Ugly Betty as there's something rather addictive about it in it's rather twee and wonderful way.

On to the Christmas Topic: The house looks like a bomb site but I'm working on it - himself is going into to town and leaving me to it so happy happy joy joy!  However it's not housework I wanted to mention it's baking - I think today I'm going to bake and this weekend or tomorrow to be precise, no not so precise I may have to start it today due to demands on my time argh!  I'm talking Christmas Pudding - nah fuck it!  I'm going to leave it 'til after the 6th - That's when christmas begins!  I'd like you to think it's cause the 6th is the feast of St. Nicholas and as a calender marker it's a good one but no it's daddy's birthday so that has to be celebrated first.  Back to the pudding - as I'm still fairly new to pudding making I think it's a good excuse to leave it as close to the time as possible and that weekend it the only free one before the big event!

This is the link for the pudding recipe but I might try the cake on that page too! or maybe this one

Again with the decisions I just can't handle them they make my head hurt :)

St Pancras Station

To see this made me very happy


Oops!  My desk seems to be offering me a range of mugs to drink from - I really should pay more attention.  I think that as it's going to be the first coffee of the morning it's going to be the large mug :)  
I think for the rest of the day it's going to be a choice of either crochet or jigsaw or possibly both - woohoo!
BTW is it too early to admit I'm getting into the festive mood?  We paid for our dinner yesterday (thank you M&S!)  so that's one less thing to have to think about!  Game pie & a three bird roast if you're interested - numnum!
Anyway I must away and do some crochet while I watch Anthony Worrel Thompson cook festive food on one of the satellite channels - I'm as happy as Larry!
After that it's get dressed and get stuck into the jigsaw while the dinner is cooking.

I've just re-read the above and I'm really looking forward to the day it sounds great!


Jack - the kitten himself rescued on Friday - had a bit of a turn this evening - OMG I'm none the better for it!  

He's only 5wks old and he is malnourished and anaemic but has been adopted by the neighbours that have our older cat Tom. - If I'm worn out by that little adventure then they must be exhausted.  I'm just really worried that the poor little fecker is going to die on them - (I can't handle it!)  Himself is going to get a dropper to make it easier to get liquids into him.

I really hope he's going to be ok!

A Million And One Things

All of them to be done and so I'm on the internet doing none of them!  When will I ever learn?

Cook Dinner
Sweep floors

Fix tumble drier
Crochet ( V important! )

As you can see at least three of the things I need to do are hobbies and I'm not even doing them!  Argh!
Ok off of the computer for a bit - make that coffee and read my book for a bit while I have that or maybe the crochet - we'll have to wait and see :)

3 Books

I've been unwell for most of this week, actually today was my first day back in work!  One day and then a weekend is so much easier than landing in to a full 5days me thinks!

Anyway I was pottering around and when I went to plug my charger in under my desk I spotted that somebody (MrsB.) had put 3 books on my magazine box - I have to say I was very very happy and it was a lovely way to start the working day!

So the three books were:

This is where I have to admit that I've never read Georgette Heyer - I have listened to an audio book and enjoyed it immensely so I'm guessing that is why I was given these.

So which one to read first?  Well two of them have Inspector Hemmingway and one has Superintendent Hannasyde, so I think I'll go with Hannasyde in Behold, Here's Poison.

I now have this over-whelming urge to go to bed with book & hot chocolate :D
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Excuse Me While I Swear A Lot!

Do you see that icon saying Keep Calm - well too late!
I'm doing a chemo cap for my sisters friend.  There's only 17 rounds and I'd gotten as far as round 10 when I looked back at the pattern and eek!  I've been doing it all wrong from around round 6 - it broke my heart but I ripped back to round 5 and decided to write out the pattern myself just to make sure I know what I'm doing.  
This is where the swearing starts - I wasn't doing it wrong!  I had it right all a-fucking-long!  I could have had it finished in the next half hour or so (with internets thrown in) but now - Argh!  Yes I'll have it finished before bedtime but I'm so easily distracted and - well fuck on it!  
I'm so annoyed I'm almost tempted to jump up and down in a tantrum but that might be considered physical exercise and we can't be having that!

Instagram Sunset

Yesterday no matter where you looked the sky was providing such beauty - tinges of greys, pinks, purples, peach & orange it was magnificent.  It was only when we came out of the shops that we spotted where it was all stemming from:


It was a rare beauty!



It's the little things!

Today I finished reading yet another book!  I know for a lot of you this is almost a daily and/or weekly achievement but for the past while I couldn't even think of reading never mind trying and getting nowhere - even that would have been a step up for me!  
So my proud achievement is I've now start to count on my other hand!  Yes my next venture (should I finish it) will be my 6th one this year!  The fact that I've managed any makes me happy, the fact that I've finished a few makes me positively giddy.
So next is to finish another one that got started and discarded due to it being a book and concentration was required.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!


By 6:45 this morning one cat had brought in a mouse (his first in doors) - thankfully he was growling this alerted me to what he was up to - I'm afraid I ran him before he put it down for a quick play.  After that Oscar decided that nothing would do her but have a whizz in the box they'd all been playing in.  If I could have I'd have gotten rid of them all there and then.  
So that was a quick lesson in how to make a grumpy person very grumpy - we've also run out of cornflakes!

I Can Be So Silly

I don't know why but this morning I was going to take a photo on the bus and then decided not to - I think I didn't want anybody to see what I was doing and all I was doing was taking a photo of a window!!
So why the confidence crisis?
It really was so silly and afterwards when I was thinking about it I felt like an idiot!

I suppose these things take time and peculiar habits & notions are hard to unlearn.

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Medical Travails

The day after my last entry we (he) got a phone call to say that the results were back from his MRI - it was almost as inconclusive as his CTScan but they were more concerned that it was more serious than a simple Kidney Cyst but couldn't say for sure that it was cancer - they'd like to operate and take it out as it would be the one way to make sure of what it was.

So in he went on Thursday and I had yet another LONG day.  When he came back to the ward he was a lot more with it than last time although he was off his head on morphine - I have to say it was highly entertaining to say the least. Got home at about 10pm.  I had said to him that I wouldn't call in 'till after work but got a message to say he'd love to see me - so 7am saw me running out the door for a visit - yet another long day!

The weekend saw him out of sorts due to a temperature spike, x-rays due to lung concerns (it's not a clot, just slightly collapsed)

So that's a brief description of what's been happening with himself but what's been happening for me?  Well I killed a monster spider on Friday night!  if you saw me standing on the sofa like an idiot but I actually did it I'm so proud of myself - however it was only me at home so nobody to tell.  I'm loving having the bed to myself - I think you could say I've been sleeping at a jaunty angle - if I could only persuade the cats to shut up - they've woken me up at 3am every night either looking to get in or looking to get out.  I always loving having the place to myself bed, control of the remote, only cleaning up after myself etc, but I really do miss having him to talk to particularly since I've only just been talking to him - it's weird.  If I was on my own just as me it'd be lonely but get on with it - as it is I'm part of a bigger thing and it's only half there so I'm neither one thing or another - I know that doesn't make any sense what so ever but in my head I know what I mean.

Ah would you look at the time!  I feel like I'm only in the door - well I'd better hit the hay - Work and hospital visits tomorrow - busy, busy, busy!

I'm exhausted but I have to keep on going - maybe next weekend I can take it easy?


We had a chinese take away - it was lovely but now it's just sitting there going nowhere.  
My stomach is fairly temperamental - if it doesn't like something then up it comes - I know that doesn't sound good but I don't know it's just the way it's always  been.  So right now I am fighting the urge to upchuck - I simply don't have the energy.  I think it's going to be a lot of antacids and bed.

I love the way I'm blaming the chinese - my mother will tell you that if I'm worried then I can't hold on to anything - but sure what do I have to be worried about?