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Books in Translation

One of the things that really annoys me when we're on holidays in Paris is the amount of translated books they have available to them and we don't!
So here is a link for later reading by myself  (or yourselves) and for further investigations:



We take so many photos these days but never print them and rarely go back to look at the memories.  Hell, these days we even depend of FaceBook to make us relive memories.

(Should I mention that every time I think of FaceBook I always think of Spit the Dog?)

ANYWAY!  I want holiday photos - I want to look back at the end of the year and say do you remember when we did XYZ?  I know all I have to do is actually get the them printed but lets face it we're not very good at getting photos printed.  We weren't very good at it, even when that was the only way to see the photos!  I think we've all experienced the "We found a roll of film and dropped it into the chemist to see if there was anything on it"

Last year for my birthday I didn't get myself an instant camera like I had threatened - I only did it last week.  I'd been looking at the various cameras out there and finally decided to get a Diana F+ Instant (mine has a blue top & flash)  The handy thing about this is that they send you another back for the camera so it also takes film - Film, the ultimate photographic lottery!

Hand on heart I haven't got a clue what I'm at so there will be much wasting of photographs in an effort to figure out what the hell I'm at - first photo of slovobooks was black, second photo of shed was very dark with outline for sky, the third one was a longer exposure and a bit blurry but you can see a person!
I really am having a ball!

5 Days of a Black & White Challenge

The other day I was challenged but the lovely Azura Chan to do a 5 day black & white photo-challenge over on Instagram (here's her Instagram)  I haven't been frequenting Instagram for a while so it was fun to get back to it.  The trick now would be to stick to doing the five-day 'cause as we know I'm somewhat rubbish at that end of things :)  But I did it!

So here are my 5 black & white pics:Collapse )
More stuff from my Instagram is found here: @ephiriel_ie

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What I did on my holidays

We are home from London.  Our time there was mainly taken up by being at Loncon3/Worldcon and another day or two meeting up with people outside of fandom.  If you want to stop reading now, just know that we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves!

However here is a rough idea of how the hols went:

ThursdayCollapse )

FridayCollapse )

SaturdayCollapse )

SundayCollapse )

MondayCollapse )

TuesdayCollapse )

*For those of you that don't know the morning stares let me present Garfield!

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The Vintage Girl by Hester Brown

I’ve been listening to a book by Hester Browne called The Vintage Girl.

This should be a book that I like and would gallop through if I was reading it but I’m not – neither liking it, nor reading it.
Maybe it’s the manner in which it’s being read but I suspect it’s actually the words that are being read that’s annoying me.

I’ve  gotten as far as chapter four and by now I get the hint that the main character – the Vintage Girl of the title – likes all things vintage and seems to have a passion and sometimes secret passion for teapots, cups, saucers, old castles, photos, wedding photos, long lost jewels hidden in old castles, sisters boyfriend, teddy bears, regency romances, Jane Austen, Edwardian/Victorian/Georgian or any other ‘ian’ era – I know this ‘cause the writer is determined to get this message across and doesn’t want us to be in any doubt .  Add to all of that an internal monologue that is determined convey here is a girl who is essentially really nice, a hopeless romantic, a bit chaotic and somewhat ditzy.

Naturally the boss is a jerk but all other men of her age are handsome – so a prediction sees this going in one of two ways but with only one ending – either they get off on the wrong foot but make up and they all live happily ever after OR they are so shy that all of their friends and family have to plot and plan so that they can live happily ever after.
The only question left is, do I have the patience and tolerance to put up with another 24 chapters – I suspect not – this is a pity ‘cause had I been reading it myself I could simply skim the repetition and ditzy bits to keep the story moving along and would have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maybe I will keep with it for another few chapters...

(update - I've stuck with it for a bit more and I've moved on a few chapters - it's still wrecking my head, so still not sold...)

Entertainment For The Evening

I'm shattered!
I've been getting to sleep late, so in the mornings I've been absolutely hanging.  When I woke on Tuesday, I didn't know what day it was!  The fact that the alarm went off should have been a give away that I did indeed need to get up - hohum!

Well to add to being tired, I'm also in a reading kind of mood.  I'd love to go to bed and read but the minute I pull that duvet over, I'll be out cold.  Ah well what can you do - I think I'll give it a go anyway.  A page here, a page there before you know it the book is finished!

Right - Good Night!

Test 1

sorry but there will be a few of these throughout the day.

Jun. 20th, 2014

Comics, Graphic Novels whatever you call them - they really are mainly the domain of the geek and within that, the male geek.  Quite possibly not something the ordinary woman on the street would be interested in venturing into.  Sadly, I've been into these shops and I can promise you - if it had been my decision I wouldn't have bothered.  They tend to be dark, smelly places full of comics with scantily clad women of bizarre proportions who are either fighting off the baddies or are being rescued.  This is something I'm not interested in reading and the shops wouldn't encourage me to start.

For the most part I think I prefer the comic strip rather than on going story - I still read For Better Or For Worse, Hägar the Horrible, and the all time wonderful Calvin & Hobbes!  These are all generally available in conventional book shops and online - which brings me to Paris!
Paris has a whole different culture and association with the comic form.Collapse )

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I don't know why but it seems to me that the site is becoming increasingly flakey - or it could just be my computer.

It would be cheaper for me if it was their site and not my laptop!

Hummus a tune there

Yesterday for the first time - I made hummus!
It was lovely - well it wasn't bad and it wasn't great but we ate the lot.  It was missing a certain something and I still can't put my finger on what it is.  Oh well, experiment is the key and I've overcome the first hurdle of actually making it.
So I'm rather chuffed with myself.

Family Photos

I spent a fair bit of the bank holiday weekend scanning photos belonging to my grandparents - it's mainly when they were young and of their children (Mam, Aunt K & Uncle N) and then other assorted relatives. I was surprised at how much work was involved in simply scanning. I managed to get about 20 or so done and then came away with a thundering headache! Now that I've a small selection scanned the next thing is to go in and correct them. This bit is more work but it's more fun. Sadly, due to the afore mentioned headache and I'm now dying with a cough I've only worked on one photograph - I'm to get it printed up for a few people during the week but what do you think? I'm not too sure but I may have made it too dark...

Apologies for the watermark across them but as they're family photos and not fixed up I don't want them to be lifted (as if!!) but just to be safe.

Here's a 20/21 year old Kitty & Mick



I think I'll get one printed to see how it turns out - the scan is a lot lighter than the postcard so we'll see...
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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Simply for the weather

Cat Complaint

I know we have a cat with continence issues - or rather her desire to piss on EVERY surface in the house, however I'd kindda forgotten about it as she hadn't done it lately (or should that say been found out lately?)  Yesterday I eventually bought myself the internet/dab radio I'd been planning to get for a while and last night I was running through where would I put it?  I eventually decided on the Kitchen that way it can be plugged in and all would be well with the world - well my world anyway.

This morning after a rather interrupted nights sleep (text messages, heartburn & his snoring - me, toothache & bathroom - him) I decided to get up and start setting up my new toy in the kitchen.  However, first things first and a quick look on the computer suddenly I could hear a noise, a not a usual noise, a cat having a wee on a bag noise!  Screech!  it's amazing how far and wide a puddle of piss with spread.  One of the bags she was aiming at had books, papers & a few holes in it - do you know how difficult it is to grab a bag and up end it without touching the wet bits, without dropping everything in the puddle you're trying to avoid and not shake the excess liquid off of?  All the while the cats are looking at me with those questioning eyes - "where's our breakfast?"

So this brought me back to the where will I put my radio?  where I had planned to put it has seen a bit of Oscar action, as has the other side of the kitchen (in fairness our kitchen isn't big enough to swing a cat!)  This radio wasn't cheap - one of the ones from lidl?  it wouldn't bother me if it got destroyed but this one that cost over €100 there's no way I'm letting it anywhere near that poxy cat!

I may have to clear my desk:
desk photo

and put it somewhere around where the lamp appears to be sprouting from.

I was going to say that it'll be a good excuse to clear my desk but in fairness the bloody mess should be reason enough!

Anyway - piddling cat puts radio in jeopardy and that's my wittering & rambling complaint

9. 2 O'Clock

According to my watch it's 2 o'clock

6. This Means A Lot To Me

Actually these two don't just mean a lot to me, they mean the world to me.

My beloved Husband and my niece doing a spot of DIY.

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5. Early

Early Morning Dew

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4. Fresh

There's nothing like a nice fresh juicy peach

3. Skyline

A glimpse out of one of the windows in work.

2. Incomplete

This is one of the few plants in our garden - it's an Agapanthus that came from my grandparents garden via my parents.   It's starting to bloom but it's not exactly there yet.

1. Something Beginning With N

N for Notebook

Welcome to the wonderful world of notebooks!!
I can't resist them they're so pretty and there's always something to be written somewhere.
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Photo Challenge!

Well why not?

I'm going to give it a go - must find something beginning with N!

Yesterdays weather

I have a feeling that this might explain yesterdays weather


Normally for murder mystery programmes it's all over and done with in one programme whether it's an hour or two long - Broadchurch was 8 episodes.  Eight episodes of guessing.  I think we had a fairly good idea of who did it by episode 6 / 7 but I was still prepared to be wrongfooted.  Some people think it was a cop out as such but I have had a fabulous time on the edge of my chair for this final reveal.
The other reveal at the end that Broadchurch will return makes me wish it was going to be on next Monday.
I have a feeling that Lucy Worsley lost a lot of viewing figures this evening - oh well we'll be back next week!

I'm feeling quite exhausted! 


I was rather pleased with myself today I finished reading Nella Last's Peace - I have only one more of her books to read but I think I'll wait for a while.  The absolute joy of finishing a book is sometimes clouded by the quest for the next book.  This book however was wonderful.  If you ever get the chance please, please read Nella Last's War her first book it is a such a beautiful book.  Unlike other books I read which are all fiction this one is a diary and all true even if it's a biased view.  The other difference with this book is plot - there's no beginning, setting up of characters, no story being driven, no conclusion - like life it just happens.  The reason I recommend War rather than Peace is it's the first and you are introduced to her friends and family there - although the other two could be picked up as a stand alone.

Today I bought a copy of The Lady.  I have on occasion been tempted simply to see what it's all about but there's always been something else to catch my eye.  However, yesterday we were watching a programme about being a lady and they were looking through the magazines archive - some of the stuff looked wonderful!  So I thought why not?  As I was flicking through it I spotted an interview with Esther Walker - so if nothing else I'm looking forward to reading that!  Do click on the link - her blog is wonderful - a wonderfully confident women who sometimes doesn't see it - I think we're all like that in some respect...

Anyway!  This evening and tomorrow it's the magazine and then after that there's a book I've taken from the box in the office.  We shall see how that goes over the Easter Weekend.  However after that I'm at a loss!  A detective?  I've my introduction to Val McDermid waiting for me.  Something Parisian - The Flaneur, Maupassant?, Something domestic? - Greenery Street. Maybe something vintage?- Christie, Heyer..

Unexpected Gifts.

Throughout the day there was no mention of it, so when I got home and found this on my laptop

I don't speak Dutch but I'm guessing the top card is an invite to coffee but what lies beneath?  Curiosity unties the twine to see what lies within this beautifully wrapped present.

Et voilà!

It is so beautiful!  I haven't looked through it completely - that's being saved as a bedtime treat.  It also means I must hurry up with this post as there's a hot chocolate in the offing!

A text to say Thank You and a quick pop around to say it in person - a 'txt' can only say so much.

In the course of our Chat, Chat, Chat there was mention of the course I'll be starting this week, this lead onto a talk of holidays & photographers.  So now I have some new reading :)

I know nothing of this lady but a flick though the pages later tells me I'm in for a treat!

So now I've LOADS of beautiful things to look at & read - I'll see you in a few weeks ;)